Friday, January 2, 2009

and we're back...'s been a long, tough winter and it doesn't look like thaw anytime soon. On New Years it got right down to ten under and then the next day it snowed. We had a party on a rooftop in an eco-building covered in grass. The grass froze like ice and nearly half of us slipped off.

Berlin was chaos, but it wasn't a patch on Naples. The year I lived down in that town, my neighbour shot a round from his handgun into the air only for a stray bullet to drop right back on top of him and into his foot.

I also nearly lost my arm when a plaster of paris bust – it was Julius Caesar I think – dropped eight balconies down in front of me. The Italian tradition is to rid your apartment of unwanted furniture at midnight. It's sanctioned littering en masse, and it's the number one cause of visits to A&E.

Ambulances and fire engines wailed the whole night long in Berlin, but I doubt it got anywhere near as bad as timber armoires landing on baby carriages.

This month I've got an article about a week on a fishing trawler coming out in Vice. I'll stick a link up when it's live.

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